Photovoltaic Power Sustainable
Sustainable Photovoltaic Power

Edge Light adopted a new type of photovoltaic power generation devices, using semiconductor interface photovoltaic effect, converting solar energy into electricity. Direct energy, safe, reliable, no noise nor direct pollution, reducing the consumption of fuels.

As an industrial company, environmental protection is a top priority. We incorporate environmental awareness into our production, including the development of energy-saving products, product recycling and other efficient production processes.

In 2019, the Edgelight Group has invested 30 000 000 RMB in the establishment of 3WM solar energy stations in Shanghai, Tianjin, USA and Germany.
The project occupies a total roof area of about 30,000 square meters. With its 11,766 solar panels, it generates an average annual power of about 3,338,000 kWh.
These solar energy stations benefit to a reduction of the local industrial electricity demand and save up to 1120 tons of standard coal per year.
We can reduce 2920 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce air conditioning energy consumption of about 30% -40%.
Edgelight is engaged in sustainable development.