Our Mission

"Global care" represents our commitment to social and environmental responsibility

worldwide. As a leader in innovative lighting solutions, we are dedicated to products and

processes that contribute to solving global sustainability challenges, address economic

needs and protect theenvironment for today and for the future.

Products & the Environment

Our energy-saving products make a significant contribution to mitigating global warning.

* What potential exists in saving energy

* Exciting products & sustainability

* Sustainable projects

Production & the Environment

EdgeLight has a long tradition in minimizing the environmental impact of our production. Find out about:

* Our Environmental guidelines & history

* Data on our environmental impact

* Projects in our factories

Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship, Compliance

Sustainable Development is much more than reducing CO2 Emissions and protecting the environment.

* Sustainable Supplier Management

* Employee Qualification

* Corporate Governance and Compliance

Sustainability Management and Stakeholder Engagement

Sustainability is actively managed at EdgeLight and has a long Social mission. Here you will find information on:

* Stakeholder Engagement

* Sustainability Management

* Sustainability Reporting

* Environmental Guidelines

* Environmental History & Awards

Overall environmental protection and sustainable development is the permanent social topic. We diligently, are causing our production process even more to pay great attention to the environmental protection. We believe that lifecycle of each product, all from the green product design. This includes decreasing or replacement of the environmental impact of harmful chemicals. Our researchers are working hard to develop new products, and pay more attention to environmental protection.

As an industrial company, environmental is a priority.

We will environmental awareness into our production, including the development of energy-saving products, recycling and other projects

in various production processes.

Environmental protection =Protect themselves